Josh Bennet: From Client to Franchise Owner with Valenta BPO

October 16, 2020by Valenta Franchise

Josh Bennet began his journey focused on two things: finance and technology. Those passions became the foundation for his professional success serving as a financial advisor for a broad range of Fortune 500 companies.

Eventually, those dreams would push him into entrepreneurship, when he opened his own franchise business. However, Josh is about more individual success – throughout his life, he has believed in giving back to others through mentorship and teaching other fintech professionals how to increase sales, profitability, and efficiency through digital technology.

Today, Josh owns a very successful Valenta BPO franchise, which allows him to continue leveraging his hard-won expertise and knowledge while providing vital solutions for clients. He can combine his affinity for fintech with his passion for helping others, and partners with businesses to revolutionize their processes and procedures. We briefly caught up with Josh and wanted to discuss his success.

Why Did You Choose Valenta BPO?

Actually, I started as a client! That allowed me to see the value that Valenta BPO provide to business owners firsthand. I quickly realized that was a perfect fit for my own vision and goals, so I took the leap into franchise ownership.

What’s Your Advice to Anyone Buying a Business?

I would say that the most critical thing is to have a strategy in place for getting clients from the very beginning. This isn’t Field of Dreams. The whole “if you build it, they will come” mentality is a false narrative. The bigger the pipeline you can develop, quickly, the easier it will be to scale to success.

Who Is Your Most Important Advisor and Why?

While I’ve worked with several advisors, I don’t have one in particular I gravitate toward. I read voraciously, and I find that books and podcasts can provide a great deal of information, support, and guidance, while allowing me to learn from the best in all sorts of industries, across a wide range of skillsets.

What Is the Best Business Advice You Ever Received?

It sounds so basic, but the best business advice I ever received is to just start one. Honestly, there are millions of good nuggets out there on how to optimize your business, but the best advice I heard was just to take the leap and do it. Taking the leap into entrepreneurship is the hardest part. With the leap out of the way, you can refocus on the other big questions, but until you do, you’re stuck in that holding pattern and nothing new can manifest.

Do You Have Any Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Business?

My recommendation would be to invest in your own success. You can do that by investing in education, in the right tools, in mastering time management, and in so many other ways. Think of it this way: software that saves you an hour of time is easily worth $100 a month, isn’t it?

What’s the Key Factor in Your Current Business Success?

I think it’s not having an ego. I’m always trying to improve. I never consider my journey “finished”. I’m open to criticism and I try new things with the awareness that I can (and often do) fail. Make a lot of mistakes, but make sure you learn from those mistakes. That’s how you improve and grow.

Build Your Business on Your Own Terms with Valenta

Interested in building your own business and following Josh’s example? Take a moment to explore all that a Valenta franchise can offer.

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